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Company Profile


Red Lotus (pty.) Ltd. started in 2013 with our first office at Gaborone Botswana. We are a trading (Import & Export) company equipped with state of the art trading facilities. We have different products importing from different countries & exporting to different countries. We are importer of finished leather from Pakistan and exporting raw hides & skin to different countries.

Our efficient and experienced staff renders quality services to our customers.

Red Lotus (pty.) Ltd. is registered with the Government of Bostwana.


Red Lotus (pty.) Ltd. is a continuously growing company. We are always looking out for the opportunities which we can avail and improve our services.

We believe in the root cause methodology, knowing the cause of problem and then solving it through effective solutions.


We have standard and specialized services that differ from client to client.

We prepare a contract on the basis of the requirements of a customer and then fulfill the requirements as desired by our worthy

Each and every work to be done is properly documented and confirmed from the client to remove any discrepancies.


Ensuring that the client’s needs are met is a must. That is why we at Red Lotus (pty.) Ltd. communicate continuously with our valuable clients through:

  •      24/7 on telephone
  •      24/7 through Online Community – like Emails, Chat software, Message Board etc.
  •      Monthly Comment Cards
  •      Questionnaire’s
  •      Create special events for customers like parties etc.


There are Three levels of escalation, the highest being each division’s.

  •       Level 3– General Manager.(G.M.)
  •       Level 2 – Managing Director
  •       Level 1– Senior Executive President
  •       Level 0– Chief Executive Officer


Customer satisfaction is our primary focus that is why we have integrated the Managerial Review meetings at Red Lotus (pty.) Ltd.

During these meetings effectiveness of the services rendered is measured and how to sustain our quality of services is discussed.

The objectives of Management Review are:

  • Confirm that goals are met and they are in accordance with the company’s requirements.
  • Addition to this, they establish that all the functions are achieved according to the standard operating procedures.
  • Identification of weaknesses and sort the ways for.
  • Review the current and future operations and check for the adequacy of the
  • Reviewing the complaints and taking all the necessary corrective actions.

About Us

Red Lotus (Pty) Ltd is a dynamic hide, skin, wool and leather company offering services and products globally to our vast array of international clients. Established in 2013, this well established and reputable company has ensured that quality products are supplied at competitive prices to valued customers around the world.

We recognized the need for a quality product, improved services and flexibility in the industry. This vision has realized the exponential growth of the company. We are a recognized quality supplier of raw hides and skins in Botswana.

Red Lotus (pty) Ltd. is situated in the “Gaborone City” having its warehouse at plot NO. 21 main road, pilane, mochudi, Botswana.  The company boasts experienced international representation in all major countries worldwide, ensuring quality service and the product to match customer requirements.

CEO’S Message

Muhammad Saleem

Welcome to Red Lotus (pty.) Ltd website. Red Lotus is an exciting, fast growing trading company in Gaborone Botswana with a family-friendly atmosphere, a strong dedication to customer satisfaction; we love to work on exciting and complex programs that span the depths of the ocean to the furthest corners of the universe. Here at Red Lotus our business operations and culture are anchored in our core values and characteristics. It is our firm belief that by embracing these values, we will achieve success:


Leaders set objectives and define the direction for the group. Leaders create and embrace change and set the example. Leaders are committed to professional development starting at the lowest levels of the company. Leaders demonstrate initiative, and follow through.


Those with integrity possess strong moral character, exhibit consistency between words and deeds, and do what’s right. They establish trust by demonstrating honesty, ethical behavior, and accountability.

Customer Relationship/Loyalty

Customer focus is demonstrated by responsive, dependable, empathetic advocacy of customer’s needs, goals, and objectives thereby creating positive word of mouth advertising about Red Lotus.


Effective communicators set clear objectives with explicit, measurable, goals and a realistic timeframe for achievement. They are available and approachable, and demand performance while providing constructive evaluation and feedback.


Having vision possesses a keen sense of what to do to maximize the potential of the company. It’s demonstrated by proactive, forward thinking and planning that anticipates and delivers performance beyond the company’s and customer’s current needs.

Sound and Timely Decision Making

Good decision-making requires good decision analysis. It requires identification of options, clarity of judgment, completeness, thoroughness, decisiveness, and effective implementation. In short, it means getting it correct.

Continuous, Measurable, Improvement

Always look for a better way of doing things. Seek new, innovative opportunities to excel, overcome adversity, and provide alternative, constructive views. Continually improve processes and systems to improve productivity.

We hope you will consider joining us as we guide our company towards a bigger and brighter future.


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